You can think of it as the Air Force.s worldwide Intranet. It is available to all users anytime and anywhere an Internet connection is available from .com or .mil connections. The AF Portal and allows you to quickly find authoritative, relevant data and information, applications and collaboration tools to help you do your job and live your life in the USAF.

Here is a sample of what you can do at the AF Portal: Eliminate numerous passwords When an application uses reduced sign-on, it accepts your AF Portal ID and password or CAC PIN. The Air Force.s goal is for your AF Portal account to enable access to all your applications.

Your portal, your way. Customize page content in the MY WORKSPACE tab so the most used information and applications are right up front.

Get relevant information. Once your profile is complete, the MY BASE and MY ORG tabs match your location and job.

Gain control with self-service applications. Take care of business wherever you are, 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week. You will find vMPF, my Pay, AFPC Secure and the Air Force Fitness Management System on the AF Portal. Stop waiting in line, go online!

Connect worldwide, with security and reliability. Simplify your Internet experience with worldwide access, 24x7 . from home, work or while deployed . with confidence in the latest security and a site that knows you.

Collaborate with Instant Messenger. Enjoy real-time communications with other AF Portal members.

Collaborate with Air Force Knowledge Now. Tap into functional expertise, tools and documents. Make connections to solve common problems, develop skills and share common practices . no matter where you are stationed.

Internet Explorer is the only browser fully supported.† Other browser types are not fully supported; however, they do function with limited capability when accessing the AF Portal.

Please check the following link to verify minimum and recommended software requirements. Ask your Workgroup Manager for assistance verifying your software configuration and/or performing required upgrades.

The AF Portal times out after a period of inactivity to save server resources. When you click a link, application, or capability AFTER you have reached this threshold inactivity time, you will be taken back to the AF Home Page but do not need to log in again.

The reason that you are seeing the "Security Alert" dialog box display is that the DoD Trusted Certificate Chain is not installed on your desktop. If this is a DoD workstation, please contact your Workgroup Manager to update your desktop. More information on this process can be found at

If this is a Personal Computer with CAC enabled access connecting from the Internet, installation instructions and software can be found here: Note that the web site is CAC restricted.

If this is a Personal Computer without CAC, right click the following link and select Save Target As from the menu (recommend saving to your desktop): To run, double click the downloaded file to start execution. Installation will be silent and automatic. No reboot is necessary.

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