Air Force Portal Self-Registration Requirements

To register for an Air Force Portal account, you must be a U.S. Military member, U.S. Government Civilian, Allied Forces member, or contractor supporting USAF efforts, who has been issued a government issued Common Access Card (CAC) or vendor approved External Certificate Authority (ECA). There are two primary means of obtaining an AF Portal account: 1) Self-Registration or 2) Filling out a DD Form 2875 (DD2875). All personnel with a CAC and having a Social Security Number (SSN) should be able to self-register by submitting specific personal information which will be verified against the Air Force Directory Services (AFDS) database by doing the following:

Attempt to self-register for the Air Force Portal account with a valid DoD CAC at
Skip to Step #6 if you can successfully create an account

If you are unable to obtain an account via automated registration, such as personnel with a Foreign National ID Number (FNIN) or an ECA certificate, please contact the FAS (DSN 596-5771 opt 7, commercial 334-416-5771 opt 1, or toll free 1-877-596-5771 opt 7) to create a helpdesk ticket. You will need to download the DD2875, then fill it out following these instructions:

  1. Users need to fill out the highlighted areas of Part I. If the DD2875 block 11 is not digitally signed by the user, that individual will need to physically sign block 11 and attach a screenshot of their PKI certificate subject information. Instructions on how to obtain the PKI Certificate Subject information can be found here.
  2. Block 13 will need to contain the "Request for an AF Portal account".
  3. Block 27 will require the user's SSN or FNIN.
  4. Part III must be filled out by their Security Manager validating, at minimum, a favorable National Agency Check and Inquiries Investigation (NACI), or comparable Foreign Clearance.
  5. The user's USAF government supervisor or sponsor validating their need for Air Force Portal access fills out blocks 17 to 20b. The Supervisor/Sponsor should then send the DD2875 in a digitally signed email to, or fax the form to the Air Force Portal Program Office (DSN 596-1040, Commercial 334-416-1040). Faxing the form may cause more delay than email. Forms faxed in to GCSS-AF will still require a subsequent digitally signed email from the sponsor, so submitting via digitally signed email from the start is the preferred option to reduce processing time.
  6. Once the account is created, the user will receive two email notifications: one will contain their username, the other will contain their temporary password.
  7. After initial login, the user will be prompted to change their password and establish answers to several questions used later on to assist in resetting their password or validating their identity.
  8. Users will then be asked to fill out a short profile the first time they log in, which will allow for further customization of their portal experience.
  9. You then will be able to log in with your CAC or userid and password.

The Air Force Portal should be ready for the user to register within 48 hours upon receiving a CAC. Users with questions or problems after the 48-hour time period should contact their assigned portal tiered administrator. If a user is unable to or not authorized to receive a CAC but has a valid portal account need, please call your FAS Portal Help Desk.

The above guidance is consistent with the CAC issuance mandate as stated in References:

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