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Why Does This Page Have Limited Content?

The AF Portal has been restricted to CAC-only access since 15 Jan 2010. This limited access page is available to Portal users who need to enable a newly issued CAC with their portal account

CAC/ECA Registration Link

Enable Your CAC or External Certificate Authority (ECA)

I Am Logging In With a CAC, Why Am I Seeing This Page?

If you are trying to access the AF Portal with your CAC and reached this page, it is likely your CAC has lost synchronization with your browser. Please try the following steps:

Open a new browser session (File / New Session in Internet Explorer ) or

Close ALL open browser windows and try to access the portal again.

If you are still unable to access the full portal, please contact the portal help desk at DSN 596-5771, opt 7, Comm 334-416-5771, opt 7 or 1-877-596-5771, opt 7.

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